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    Chryssie Woodham

Want help with connecting to your true self?

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Be the artist of your own life, express it, live it, create it, inspire yourself and others!

Do you feel connected to your essence part of yourself or are you just going through the motions?

Do you feel pulled between who you think you 'should' be and who you would like to be?

Be inspired to make changes:

Find out what it means to be authentic, and how you can transform into inspired action.

Once you start to recognise your personal power, you can change any situation into one of happiness, joy and personal freedom. Aligned with your hearts desire.

Find out how to use colour, express your personal style, become aware of your authentic inner yearnings and BE inspired to become the best you can be...........


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7 Ways to BE different

Knowing these things will change the way you view yourself and life!

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About Chryssie

Chryssie Woodham has been helping people connect with their inner essence for the past 30 years. With insight from the psychology of dressing, she has a passion for uncovering their innate way of being. She understands that clothing is a silent language and is able to change the way people look and feel about themselves. Her inner journey of consciously becoming aware of her spirit self now helps people discover theirs.  

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I have a selection of different sessions that will suit what you would like to change: whether it be the way you dress, your confidence, connect to your spiritual self, your creativity, your feminine essence or your accountability to yourself or business. 


Need fresh ideas?  

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