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    Chryssie Woodham

Live Your Uniqueness in STYLE

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Dressing for YOU: Feel confident and inspired!

Your clothes are a reflection of you!  Feeling confident in the way you dress goes a long way to achieving your goals and desires in your life. By discovering your personal style and utilizing your assets you will not only look your best, you will feel vital, fresh, current, colourful and excited.

Defining your style is both liberating and empowering!

Your authentic style is aligned with your inner self. Find out your personal dressing style by booking your style consultation.

"The best thing I have done for myself this year is to find Chryssie. After I went through her process I fundamentally changed the way I viewed myself. I put into practice her dressing system and literally have saved thousands of dollars, and best of all the confidence that I now feel is extraordinary."
Karen, Christchurch


NEWS FLASH: SPoil Special Oils - 100% natural plant and essential oil based body and facial oils to nourish and heal your skin

I have just released, with my daughter-in-law Renee, a new range of natural plant and 100% essential oil based body and facial oils.  As long as I have been a stylist I have always recommended natural skincare so I am super excited to be able to offer some of my own now. Naturally sustainable, with no nasties like parabens, phthatates, mineral oil or synthentic fragrances.  These have been tried and tested with such great results for a number of years. 

Check out:  spoilspecialoils


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About Us

Chryssie Woodham has been helping people reconnect with their inner essence for the past 30 years. With insight from the psychology of dressing, she has a passion for uncovering their innate way of being. She understands that clothing is a silent language and is able to change the way people look and feel about themselves.

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We have a selection of different packages that will suit what you would like to change: whether it be the way you dress, the way you are in the world, your confidence, your creativity, your feminine essense or your accountability to yourself or business. 


Refresher Style Workshop

August 17th at 10am

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