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  • Be different
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    Chryssie Woodham

Want help with connecting to your true self?

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Create your sense of STYLE from the Inside Out

I see you:

  • Recognising your colour connection for emotionally freedom 

  • Loving your personal style which expresses your sense of self

  • Gaining access to your intuitive power to enhance clarity and direction in your life

  • Becoming your own empowerment life coach

  • Feeling great from the INSIDE out

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About Chryssie

I have been helping people connect with their inner essence for the past 30 years. I use the psychology of dressing partnered with how to connect to your individual self expression. And using clothing as a silent language I will help you tap into the creative elements of colour and design; giving you the confidence to be you. My inner journey of consciously becoming aware of my spirit self will now help you discover yours; looking and feeling amazing!

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I have a selection of different sessions that will suit what you would like to change: whether it be the way you dress, your confidence, connect to your spiritual self, your creativity, your feminine essence or your accountability to yourself or business. 



Zoom Consultations are now available