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mens consultations


Men's Wardrobe Transformation Consultation

This is 3 hour consultation that will change your life!

This consultation can be for business or casual lifestyle, or both. 

·       Discover your style profile to create your own great look

·       Apply a 4 principle shopping system so you make wise choices every time

·       Learn how colours make a difference!

·       A style analysis that shows you how to wear what fabrics, patterns, and             ways of colour blocking to make the most of your height and proportion

·       Identify the 12 main garments to easily create your core wardrobe for                  business and/or casual

·       Sort your wardrobe so you have a clear view of ‘what works with what’

·       Create a shopping list to suit your lifestyle and budget

Investment: $299


Men's Shopping time - making the most of your dollar

  • Be shown how to critique your garments using the 4 principle shopping system
  • Select garments that will create your personal unique style
  • Create a wardrobe for your business/career that will reflect your enthenticty 
  • Evaluate a potential purchase against your wardrobe needs
  • Buy clothes that maximize your budget
  • Take you to shops that reflect your ‘look’ that you wish to achieve
  • Be excited to see yourself in a way that you had not thought possible!
  • Save both time and money by buying right first time.

Investment: $120 per hour

This is about showing you how to shop and not so much about the buying …………….. you can opt to do both if you desire!

This is what Gordon had to say:

"It was so enjoyable, a real blast , shopping with you today and I've leant so much from our meetings .

I can honestly say this is the first time, as far as I can remember when I've got home for shopping and haven't decided I want to return some clothes as I have had second thoughts.The gear is just me, I love it .

Thanks so much and look forward to working with you further, your'e amazing" 

Gordon, Registered Financial Advisor

Colour & Wardrobe Consultation Combo

Value: $485       Investment: $425  

Colour & Wardrobe Consultation plus 2 hours shopping time- the works!

Value: $725       Investment: $650

For those who would like to have a Style Specialist at your beck and call: Special packages available on application

- 90 day plan, 18 month, and for 'Life'