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What some people have said about us:

"You certainly added a fun factor to our conference. We look forward to our feature workshop session each year as a bit of a special treat, and your session this year did not disappoint!  We could see you were an expert in Colour and Style and how to incorporate them into our own lives.  We particularly liked the insights you gave on identifying our personal colour and dressing style and how that impacts on who we are and how we feel each day.  You were very encouraging and we left feeling inspired to say the least!"

Rhonda Gault, SHARENZ

We learnt so much in such a short time and wished we had booked you for longer.  Your vibrancy set a tone for the rest of the day
Maria Peters, Corcoran French Lawyers (Aug 15)

It was great meeting you and I really enjoyed my consultation.  Anne had spoken so highly of you and I thought it would be an ideal opportunity while I was in Christchurch to have you give me an update of my best colours….but I wasn’t expecting to walk away with a completely different colour range to the colours that I have been wearing for years!! 

Since my return I have purged my wardrobe and thrown out everything that no longer fits, doesn’t suit or I haven’t worn for the last 2 years. It was quite liberating and not to mention freeing up much needed space in my wardrobe.  Now I have to hit the shops and find some of those lovely colours in my palette. 

Wayne Dyer said “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” so that’s what I’m doing when I see myself in the new colours…many of which I would never wear in the past!

So Chryssie, thank you so much for showing me a whole new colour range, and make up too. I feel like a different person. The hair will be next!
Clare Lyons, Sydney

I wanted to more formally acknowledge the appreciation of The Christchurch Bridge program for your generous support of our women last night.  It was a fantastic evening, and your contribution  was a  significant aspect of the event.  Thank you for the time invested in preparation, the sharing of your own passion and skill, and the warmth and fun you injected into the evening.  We salute your kindness and commitment to empowering women in this way.
Sue Hay, (Major), Assistant Director Salvation Army

Your workshop was enlightening to all and we received wonderful feedback from all those who attended. Our FOPA's felt quite comfortable as you put everyone at ease, and dealt with each person individually. They certainly warmed to your principles, and felt they benefitted hugely from their newly acquired knowledge about themselves on a very personal level, and are keen to test themselves out next time they shop. So a huge thank you from us all. 
Jan Baker, PPTA Feild Office PA . 

Chryssie Russell was a presenter at our recent Teachers Matter Conference in NZ. She was a popular speaker who encapsulated her audience with her colourful personality and her expert knowledge on her subject.  Her presenting style is practical and energetic, making everyone feel that she is speaking to them personally, inspiring them to make positive changes. 
Karen T Boyes, CEO, Spectrum Education

May I thank you on behalf of the Lions Club of Christchurch Host for presenting a truly wonderful fashion show last thursday evening.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, and I have been overwhelmed with lovely comments from members and friends.  Your are so obviously an expert in your field, and we all went away wiser in our knowledge of how to shop for our personal wardrobe. 
Beverley Hentschel, President, Lions Club of Christchurch Host

I just wanted to drop a line to say a big thank you for the time we spent shopping. The wonderful feeling that surrounds me each time I open my wardrobe door is more than amazing - it is heartwarming and all encompassing!

Your system works - my purchases blend with each other and I am slowly 'getting it'. Thanks so much.
H Harrowfield, Catering Manager

After a long day of education and discussion, Chryssie's relaxed and fun approach was just what we needed. Her presentation was very professional and extremely informative. Everyone came away with a clear message about the different styles of dress that exist and ideas of how to make their chosen or preferred style work for them.
Colleen McKay, Manager, Outreach Services, Haemophilia Foundation of New Zealand

After Gastric By-Pass Surgery and after losing 95 kilos, I was lost and trying to find my own new style. I wanted to look great, and to celebrate the new me, but I had absolutely no idea what colours to wear, what shape I was now that I was no longer an apple, what looked good on me, and what didn't. Chryssie showed me a new way to shop, she encouraged me to wear the bright colours that really suit me and showed me style tricks to make the most of the good bits that I have now and to disguise the saggy bits that are still there!!! Thanks Chryssie. I get so many comments now when I have chosen wisely when shopping for clothes.
Sarah, Christchurch

Chryssie has a real strength in building rapport with people and making them feel at ease. The feedback from all has been nothing short of magnificent.
S Paul, National Bank, Christchurch

I have literally not stopped raving about  the course since Saturday! Truly! Straight afterward I did the wardrobe throw out and then purchased some new big ticket items and am planning (as per the workbook) my first shopping day this weekend.

Interestingly I have only a small amount of clothes left now since my wardrobe sort, but have never received more compliments on the ones I am wearing!  Knowing how to co-ordinate my outfits has been a huge insight.
Technical/Legal Assistant

Your presentation was excellent, and very positive feedback was received from staff who now feel more confident about their own image ... Chryssie's presentations are enjoyable and informative and would be a valuable experience for any individual or business.
David, Manager, Christchurch

Your obvious energy and enthusiasm was an ideal match for the two-day Summit. I'm sure the participants will long remember their clothing personality, and use their new found skills when shopping to update their wardrobe.
Robyn Bennett, Director, Team Link Training Ltd

My wardrobe has gone from a 'fruit salad' to a smaller workable one, where everything goes together. I find that getting dressed in the morning is now a pleasure.
Mary Obele, Medical Practitioner

I save time when shopping, as I now have a clear focus and only look at what is right for me, not what is in fashion. Also I do not allow shop assistants to influence by buying decision.
Gayle Clarke, Bank Administrator

I am enjoying reading your book. The structure is good and it's a pleasure to read. Plus I'm learning new things,I particularly found the personality section interesting.  It's amazing how often we go shopping with a friend and adopt their personality in clothing choice.
Lynn O'Shea, Illustrator and Publisher

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed your session.  I was somewhat amazed at how I came to admit to myself the style of clothing that I love, I never really wear. It has given me the confidence to just do it.  So I did some shopping on Thursday night and had a good wee spend up.  Just a few things - one jacket in particular that I have had som nay comments every time I wear, a feminine scarf and a couple of tops.  I will slowy add to this collection.
Alison Smith, University Administrator

Hi Chryssie, this week I started a piece of teaching work that was fairly challenging .....BUT I was totally confident in what I was wearing - which was a change from other scary presentations when not only have I worried about my presentation but also my appearance. I seem to have 'got it'  thanks to your guidance.
Norma, Life Coach

I am in the corporate world now, but never learnt how to shop. Only purchasing clothes when I am desperate and never know what goes with what, sometimes they would sit in my wardrobe hardly been worn. I have positively lost sleep over what I am going to wear at a conference etc, and at times would rather not be invited to go somewhere as knowing what to wear would be such an an issue!!

Chryssie has given me the confidence  to shop effectively - using her principles of dressing, and knowing what 'look' I am wanting to achieve, makes it so easy.  I know I will successfully create a wardrobe that works without spending the family fortune on myself.  My first purchase was a fabulous skirt, which gave a compliment from ny husband which he has not done for a long time, interestingly enough this skirt was worn with a pair of shoes that were about to go to the opp shop along with a top that has hardly been worn.  I feel great in this outfit. Thank you so much.
S Barden, Sales Manager

Hello Chryssie, I wanted to say thank you very much for the shopping trip last Saturday.  As always, I learnt a little bit more, and fond some more shops worth adding to my list!  My greatest compliment was a shop assistant asking me if I had clients I was taking around also!! So I must be learning!
Brenda Neill, Office Administrator