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Here, we'll keep you up to date with the latest Events and news from Unique Style.

Events for Chryssie Woodham- Christchurch

Here we will keep you up to date with the latest news and events from Chryssie:

Being Sensational Seminar 

18 January 7-9pm 

Venue: Eliza's Boutique Hotel, Bealey Ave

To get your ticket: https://www.eventbrite.co.nz/e/being-sensational-seminar-tickets-4106428...

Entry: $25

Clothing is a language. It is specific, persuasive, impactful and totally silent. Your clothing is an expression of you.

This seminar highlights how you can utiltize this language so you will be lookong and feeling sensational every day.

You will learn how:

  • Colour does make a difference on all levels of your being
  • How to create your personel dressing style
  • Take the 'shoulds' out of fashion and buying
  • Your body shape and proportion determines what style lines are most flattering
  • Feeling happy about the way you look 
  • A 4 principle dressing system will have you shopping like an expert
  • Feeling confident with the choices you make
  • Empowering yourself to be more of who you truly are!

Start 2018 with success in mind and body 


2017 Past Events:

Sept 26          Style event - Urban Surb Boutique 

Sept 29          Create Your Unique Style workshop - Fairlie

August 23      Create Your Unique Style workshop - Fairlie

August 19      Create Your Unique Style workshop - Christchurch

August 5       Refresher Style Workshop - Christchurch

June 26         Create Your Unique Style workshop - Timaru

June 26          Presentation to Rural Women Annual seminar - Fairlie

June 10          Create Your Unique Style workshop - CHCH

May 6             Charity Event presentation - Ashburton 

March 30           Transforming Your Self from the INside OUT seminar  

2016 Past Events: 

June - Oct       Living your life in Colour seminars 

4 May              Create Your Unique Style workshop  

15 Feb             Karen Degen's book launch - Heightening your happiness 

2015 Past Events

11 October     Be Sensational Ladies Day out 

19 August      Business workshop - What is your dressing style really saying?

26 August      Create your unique style workshop - Viva La Mode, Rolleston

9 August        What is your dressing style really saying? business workshop

26 July           Create my Unique Style workshop Christchurch

23 July           Style event at Kilt at The Tannery - Christchurch

10 June          South Canterbury Ladies luncheon - Rolleston 

22 June          Create my Unique Style workshop - Diamond Harbour 

21 May           Being fabulous style event - Annah Stretton Christchurch

8 May             Charity Style and Fashion event - Geraldine 

9 April            Create my Unique Style workshop - Timaru

9 March 15     Being Fabulous event - Christchurch



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