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Events for Chryssie Woodham- Christchurch

Here we will keep you up to date with the latest news and events from Chryssie:

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Refresher Style workshop 10 October 6.30-9pm

Investment: $35 

This workshop is designed for past workshop/seminar participants and clients, to have you seeing

yourself in a fresh light……..

Transform yourself with style and embellishments secrets!

  • Take a fresh look at your wardrobe - evaluate and eliminate
  • Personalize the 4 principles of dressing so you shop effectively 100% of the time
  • Update your colours to have you looking youthful and radiant 
  • Create optical illusions with style lines that flatter
  • Invest in strategic pieces and adapt to suit all occasions
  • Buy transitional pieces that will take you from AM to PM
  • Avoid getting trapped in a time warp!
  • Get your start to a plan of action for this season and every season


Break free from your own preconceptions of style, and take the "shoulds" out.  The power is really in new knowledge and the way you 

Only 10 participants

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