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Events for Chryssie - Christchurch

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Your Feminine Presence & Loving Your Style Seminar

21 March 2019 Investment: $50

Loving Your Style Seminar is a journey of self discovery. Of defining what your style says about you. 

It is about embodying a magnetic feminine presence

Your personal style is an ever evolving story and it is exciting to reinvent yourself with the way you dress. This BEing a reflection of who you are or want to be!

This seminar will highlight the possiblities, your inner desires being made manifest in the way you wish to express yourself.

Dress authentically and love your style:

  • Be FREE to choose and dispel the 'shoulds of fashion'
  • Walk your talk and be true to yourself
  • Be in love with colour and experience how it changes the way you feel
  • Love the way you dress and feel it expresses who you are

Being authentic is about being in your true essence - the heart and soul of you. The YOU-ness of you - and loving it!

This is a fun, experiential session where you will learn more about yourself and why you like what you like and how that affects what your choose.

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