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Chryssie Woodham

Chryssie Woodham


Colour Intuitive, Spiritual Insights, Personal Stylist, Trainer, Author, Artist

I have had  over 30 years experience as a personal stylist, and have a passion for people and a flair for helping people unleash their own creativity and sense of self.

I am a trained colour and style consultant, author and speaker; and as a qualified and experienced adult educator I love inspiring and motivating others to succeed. I have been involved in training and facilitation in the business arena for many years and I found the need to express myself in a more artistc way; and becoming an artist has changed my view on life.

I draw on my extensive experience with many different people and have come to the realization that clothing is about more than just a 'look' or a fashion. I know that by exploring and experimenting with colours and by defining your sense of style, you can really get in touch with yourself, and express who you truly are. This colour experience now extends to how colour effects you on many levels - emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

As in all journeys we learn at some point to travel inward, and in my desire to learn more about myself it included a remarkable spiritual transformation:-

I connected to the essence of myself and now have a deep knowingness and found that I have an ability to use my spiritual gift of healing.  This lead me to develop an opportuity for you to work with me on a personal level of insight, how you can connect to your essence too and feel truly home.  Check out:  Soul Reveal session


My 4 Principle dressing/shopping system

Knowing there is a system to work with, and one that works 100% when used efficiently, gives you a heightened sense of purpose.  Your confidence and sense of self is enhanced and I have often have had said to me "I wished I had known this much sooner".

My purpose is to help you discover your potential; through the use of colour, making the most of your body, and most importantly helping you discover your own personal 'style' which reflect the whole person you are; while not being a slave to fashion trends!

My philosophy regarding self expression is that through valuing yourself and your uniqueness, not only are you able to step out with heightened confidence and flair, you are also free to appreciate and value other people's uniqueness.

Be different, Be Unique, Be Yourself !

Training others

 In 2008 the Unique Style training program was created and we have now a number of stylists who are realizing their dream.  These ladies were looking to enhance their creativity and passion for fashion and helping people; and being their own boss was certainly a bonus.

After creating a successful and fulfilling style consultancy business it is time now for me to pass on my years of experience and enjoy helping others to grow, discover, and develop their own personal and business potential. 

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