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Are you feeling frumpy and uninspired in your dress?

Would you like to use your creativity to express your inner yearnings?

The desire to create is one of the deepest yearning of the human soul!  

Be inspired to make changes .......

Colour Consultation

Colour surrounds you; it feeds and nourishes your senses. You see it, feel it, and absorb it.  Your mind, body and spirit is profoundly affected by it.

Men's Consultations

This is 3 hour consultation that will change the way you view yourself!  This consultation can be for your business or casual lifestyle, or both. 

 Your Personal Style

Personal Style Consultation – discovering your unique style. This 2 or 4 hour consultation will change your life!

Shopping Experience

This is about showing you how to shop and not so much about the buying …………….. you can opt to do both if you desire!

Style Workshops

Style workshop– showing you how to use your assets!   You will learn the 4 principles of dressing to create a unique style for yourself.

Business Presentations

Chryssie Woodham, Director of Unique Style presents to conferences, business and charity events.