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Dressing in Style

Unique Style consultation – how to dress in a way that feels truly YOU!


“The best thing I have done for myself this year is to find Chryssie. After I went through her process I fundamentally changed the way I viewed myself. I put into practice her dressing system and literally have saved thousands of dollars, and best of all the confidence that I now feel is extraordinary”.

Karen, Christchurch


Your authentic style is aligned with your inner self:

You are unique, and there is no other like you, and you will have a personal style that expresses all parts of you; you just do not know what it is yet. It will be your way of expressing your individuality. This is so empowering when you know how, you will literally exclaim "I wish I knew this before!"

Your 2 ½ hour consultation will be a hands-on, tangible experience on how to use your assets and be comfortable in your own skin. Expressing yourself through clothes and accessories is an important aspect of feeling and looking fabulous.

  • Discover your dressing style to create your unique look
  • A complete style analysis that will flatter your body shape
  • Learn about how to balance your body by using line and proportional techniques
  • Know your core wardrobe plan that is unique for your lifestyle
  • Create a plan of action to implement in your own time frame
  • Learn a 4 principle critiquing system so that you shop with ease every time

Investment: $255


Wardrobe Transformation

This is 4 hour consultation that will change your life!  This consultation is inclusive of The Unique Style Consultation plus a wardrobe audit, how to wear what you have got, and shopping plan; all in your own home.

  •        Discover your dressing style to create your unique fashion look
  •        Apply a 4 principle shopping system that works 100%
  •        Be shown how colours makes a difference!
  •        A complete style analysis that shows you how to wear styles that flatter
  •       Identify the 12 main garments to easily create your core wardrobe
  •       Sort your wardrobe to clear your dross, and get a clear view of ‘what works with what
  •       Be shown how to wear what you have differently to get a new prospective!
  •       Create a shopping plan to suit your lifestyle and budget

Investment: $399

                        Style Combos to help you create a wonderful wardrobe of clothes that you have always wanted

Colour & Style Consultation:

This is for those who wish to know what their 4 step programe is to create their unique style, perfect their 4 principle shopping system so they can shop like a style expert themselves.

Value: $430                       Investment: $395

Added benefit: Free Glasses consultation - when you next upgrade your glasses you will receive a FREE consultation to help choose your perfect glasses for your face shape, colouring and personality

Colour & Wardrobe Transformation Consultation

This is for those who wish to fully understand how to create a wonderful wardrobe of clothes by knowing your 4 principles of dressing, and auditing your wardrobe to complete a plan of action for your next shopping expedition.

Value: $585                       Investment: $520 

Added Benefit: FREE business wardrobe consult that will have you being noticed!

Colour/Wardrobe Transformation consultation/wardrobe audit........ and 2 hours shopping time

This is for you who wish to complete the process and see themselves in their clothes of their dreams! You will be shown first hand how the system works while shopping and you will be wowed by how it works every time.

Value: $825                     Investment: $750 (payment plan available)

Added benefit: How to pack for a vacation in another country/climate, vacation or business trip.

       I look forward to showing you my 4 easy steps to truly feel fabulous in the way you dress!