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Become a personal stylist and help others find their unique soul style

Do you have a passion for authentic self-expression, love seeing others discover who they are, andf enjoy working in a holistic and empowering way?

Unique Style training courses are designed to provide you with the skills and knowlege needed to become a colour and style consultant that makes a difference in your client's life. Going beyond fashion and physical appearance, holistic personal styling consultations open up space for your client's to explore their identity on all  levels of their being, allowing them to get a sense of who they are in a wholesome way.

Whether you are only starting your career, it is time for a change of direction in your life, or you are looking to add new skills to an already existing business, training in colour and style can open many doors for you. Explore your creative talents and utilise them to help others feel more confident while creating a business you love. Experience for yourself how fulfilling, exciting and effortless work can feel when you are lit up by what you are doing.

Are you ready to start your unique soul style journey? Keep reading to find out more about training opportunities with Unique Style.

Course Content: 

Unique Style offers full colour and style training courses as well as a number of individual modules with a specific focus from which you can pick and choose to create your ideal training. 

Here is what you will learns over the course of your training with Unique Style....


  • Colour Analysis

determine your client's colours and create their personal colour palette

  • Style Consulting

analyse your client's dressing type and create their unqiue style

  • Wardrobe Planning

plan and style a functional wardrobe that suits your client's lifestyle

  • Personal Shopping

empower and support your client's in choosing their best fit

  • Body Shape, Proportions & Style Lines

show your clients how to balance their proportions and highlight their asset areas

  • Professional Dress and Personal Branding

understand how to curate a great first impression and build a professional image

Each training module further includes business and marketing skills that will help you build a successful career in your chosen field.


Your training options:

Full Training Courses:

This is for you if you if you are an aspiring colour and style consultant who wants to build a successful career while helping others express their authentic self.

If  you are looking to become a fully certified personal stylist, I offer both style consultancy training and colour consultancy training.

  • Style Consultating: 7 day course priced at $3000
  • Colour Consulting: 6 days priced at $3500 


Training Modules:

This is for you if you would like to add new skills to your toolbox or if you want to get a taste of how I work before committing to the full training.

Pick and choose which skills you would like to learn by booking individual training modules.

  • Colour Orientation - 1 day course priced at $650
  • Bodyshape & Style  - 2 day course priced at $1000
  • Wardrobe Planning - 3 day course priced at $1500
  • Personal Shopping - 2 day course priced at $1000


Ongoing Mentoring: 

This is for you if you have already completed training in this field and would like ongoing support on your business journey.

Having an experienced mentor who can guide you is essential to stay inspired and keep on track with your goals. This is why I am offering one-one-one coaching sessions for qualifed personal stylists where I share my expertise with you. Besides providing you with industry-specific guidance. I am happy to advise you on business-building, marketing strategies, and sales skills. 

All mentoring packages are tailored to your needs and priced individually, staring from $150 per session. 

I am happy to offer you a 30 minutes stylist coaching session free of charge and with no obligations to see if this is a good fit for you.


All training programmes can be held as one-on-one courses tailored to your experience, needs, and aspirations. I will meet you where you are and guide you on your way to where you want to be. 

Because a good fit is essential:

Unsure if training in colour and style is the right choice for you? The training programmes offered by Unique Style are for you if you ....

  • are looking to start a new, fulfilling career or to add a new skill set toyour existing profession
  • enjoy supporting others in discovering and expressing their most authentic self
  • want to promote self-love, confidence, and body-postivity
  • have a passion for colour, fashion, and personal style
  • want to work in a holistic way that goes beyond physical appearance
  • are looking for training course that also teaches business planning, marketing skills, and sales skills.


My Philosophy:

As I am sure you are aware, there are a lot of training courses around colour, styling, and personal shopping out there. So why choose Unique Style? What sets the programmes offered through Unique Style apart from other personal stylist certification is the values and philosophy that serve as a foundation. 

  • Holistic Perspective
    Unique Style training transcends fashion and physical appearance by looking at each individual in a holistic way. As a holistic personal stylist, I analyse how colour affects my clients on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level and I create colour palettes that not only complement their looks but also express their unique personality.
  • Heart Centred Empowerment 
  • In my Unique Style consultation and training sessions, I place great emphasis on empowering my clients through positive language. I believe that everyone is perfect the way they are, therefore we will explore how to highlight client's asset areas and enhance their most-loved features, rather than talk about 'slimming down' or 'covering up' parts of them.
  • Embodies Mentoring:
  • With 38 years of experience as a personal stylist and business owner, I teach froma place of embodies experience. In my training courses, I pass all of my knowledge , my learnings, and my philosophy on to you. This includes not only teachings specific to colour and styling but also everything I have learned about building and leading a successful business.    


Kind words from a previous trainee:

"Hi Chryssie. I just wanted to say a huge thank-you for everything you have done for me.I know I was potentially a really tricky student for you since I had already completed a course in Colour Consulting and Personal Styling in the past, however you were still keen to take me on and adjust your mentoring style to reflect my many needs.

In particular I was really impressed with your knowledge of colour and how it changes people in a positive way for each individual. I  really love the colour system you have developed because it is so logical and easy to use. It has given me confidence and I feel  much happier using this virtually fool proof method. Needless to say my clients are happy with the results too!

I also just wanted to say I was really impressed with the 4 step personal shopping system as well because its easy to use for stylists and clients alike.  I really enjoyed learning the technique you taught me on how to help a client identify their own personal style based on their personality and personal preferences .  It's so subtly  simple yet so powerful. There is nothing I like more than seeing a client's eyes light up when they have that 'ah ha' moment seeing their own style materialize for them; and best of all comprehend why it is a perfect match for them to express who they truly are!

So thank-you so much for your energy, your kindness, your patience ,and unwavering support! I have loved every minute of it."

Brenda-lee, Levin


What to Expect:

After completing you Unique Style training, you will know how to ...

  • look at every individual in a holistic way
  • empower your client through positive language
  • utilise colour in a way that supports and uplifts people on all levels of their being
  • help others create their unqiue soul style
  • build a succesful business and turn your dream career into a reality


An added bonus: As a colour and style consultant in training, you will be your own first client. This means that your Unique Style training is also an opportunity for you to (re-) discover your essence, take your personal style to the next level, and experience for yourself how liberating it is to freely express your authentic self.


Ready to take the next step?

If you would like to have a chat about how my services can support you or if you have any more questions, please get in touch.  027 4407 499 or email


Your questions answered

The training programmes I offer transcend fashion and looks. For me, holistic colour and style consulting is a way of discovering my clients’ uniqueness and empowering them to express their authentic selves with confidence. Looking at the individual on all levels of their being, rather than only their physical appearance, allows people to get a sense of who they are in a new, wholesome way — and this is what I teach in my training courses. What is more, my approach to colour and style consulting is based on the belief that everyone is perfect the way they are. I encourage clients to see past the limiting beliefs they hold about their bodies and to see their unique beauty. My consultations and trainings focus on people’s asset areas and I place great emphasis on positive language. There will be no talk of “slimming down”, “covering up” or “hiding away” parts of you in my training.
The entire style consultancy training comprises seven training days and the complete colour consultancy course consists of six training days. If you would like to do an orientation course, are only interested in certain parts of the training, or would like to break the full training up into smaller chunks, I offer a range of 1-day, 2-day, and 3-day modules.
Yes, I offer the option of booking individual modules for those who want to add specific skills to their toolbox. This is also a great option for you if you would like to experience the way I work before committing to the full training. As a taster experience, I recommend booking the 2-day Colour Orientation module, which is designed as the perfect starting point on your journey. If it is the right fit, you are welcome to upgrade to the full colour consultancy training from there.
Generally, training courses are held in Christchurch. If completing the training in person is not possible for you, I am also happy to offer you online training sessions via Zoom.
Yes, I am happy to offer you live training sessions via Zoom.
Yes, the full style consultancy training (7 days) includes men’s styling. Generally, I tailor all my training courses to your experience and needs, so I am happy to incorporate men’s styling into any modules you choose as well.
Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the training course.
Yes, I welcome personal stylists with previous experience to my training. As someone who has been in the industry for a long time, I fully understand that people have vastly different backgrounds and needs. You might already have completed training in style consulting, colour analysis, or personal shopping and want to refresh or deepen your knowledge. This is why I offer 1:1 training that is tailored to your experience and what you would like to achieve. You are free to choose for yourself which skills you would like to acquire or enhance and what parts of the training you would like to do.
Absolutely! Colour and style consulting is a valuable skill set that can greatly enhance the services of many professionals in the beauty and fashion industry. In particular beauty therapists, hairdressers, and fashion retail staff will benefit from training in colour and style. Adding colour and style consultations to your list of services or simply infusing your existing services with your new skills will make you stand out from others in the industry.
Yes, I am happy to arrange an individual payment plan with you to make this training as accessible as possible.
Yes, I am happy to offer ongoing support and guidance after your training course. I know how daunting it can feel to be left to figure everything out yourself at the end of a training course and how much of a difference it can make to have a mentor that guides you. If you would like to be supported every step of the way on your business journey, you can opt for ongoing mentoring at the end of your training course. Your mentoring sessions are tailored to your needs and can include support with business building, marketing, and sales skills.
If you have any other questions that haven’t been answered here, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Email: