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Clothing is a language......

Powerful, persuasive and totally silent! 


In Chryssie's workshops, she delivers in a vibrant, inspiring, heartcentred and practical way which has her audience feeling like they can implement her principles and philosphy in their life easily.

"You certainly added a fun factor to our conference. We look forward to our feature workshop session each year as a bit of a special treat, and your session this year did not disappoint!  We could see your knowledge on how to use colour to the best advantage is so powerful.  We particularly liked the insights you gave on identifying our personal colour and dressing style and how that impacts on who we are and how we feel each day.  You were very encouraging and we left feeling inspired to say the least!" Rhonda Gault, Conference Organiser, SHARENZ Ltd

I would be thrilled to offer you a no obligation complimentary 30-60 minute stylist coaching session by phone, Skype, or in person if geographically possible. The best way to schedule this is to text me on 0274 407 499 or email and put 'coach' in the subject line. 


Chryssie is an expert in Colour and Style and creator of the 4 principle shopping system:

With her 30 years in the Colour, Style,  Professional Image and training fields she likes to present in a interactive and fun way, she will get you to people to adopt a new way of looking at themselves, create a can do attitude about how they can dress for their personality, also develop a professional image that feels right. Knowledge is the key to successful dressing in business and pleasure; the power is getting rid of out-dated thinking and throw off the ‘shoulds’ of fashion and dressing.

Her heart-centred philosophy is about focusing on their ‘assets’ which changes people’s perception about their body image. It’s about giving people a new way of looking at dressing in a positive way.

She will educate with humour and demonstrate her 100% proof 4 principle dressing system that will delight any reticent shopper. And best of all she has a unique process to discover their personality dressing style, which validates, then excites each individual. This insight will be well remembered after she has presented.

How to create your unique style is a very popular topic for conferences, team building sessions, networking events, professional business groups and corporate dress code training.

How is she different?

  • Developed a 4 principle dressing system that is 100% full proof.
  • Dispel the myths of fashion and dressing.
  • Created a training program that is progressive – eliminating outdated beliefs.
  • She is passionate about instilling new beliefs that anyone can be creative in their dress, and being confident to make the right choices for themselves.
  • A unique process for people to discover for themselves how their core personality reflects the way they would love to dress and how that correlates to their strengths in business. A perfect fit!
  • Passionate about colour and how that effects individuals on all levels of their being - physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual - 'Colour Energy Profile' 

Conference services:

Her philosophy that everyone can have  a unique style is the central message that she conveys. Knowing what ‘look’ that you wish to portray and by giving yourself permission to dress for your true self, without constraints will have a life changing experience. She shows you how to break free from your own preconceptions of style and takes the ‘shoulds’ out of fashion; as the beliefs that we have about ourselves and what we ‘should’ do dictate our buying decisions. Have the freedom to be yourself!

An experienced, accomplished and engaging speaker, Chryssie has a good appreciation of how to connect with her audience so that they easily grasp her messages and take away meaningful information to put into practice.

As the author of 'Shop Smart to Look Sharp' and ‘Shop like a Style Expert’ she draws on her  4 principle system to add an extra dimension that provides a real point of difference, adding value over and above core conference content.

As an inspirational speaker she shares her success story of how she negotiated the first years in this burgeoning industry 30 years ago. When it was about educating the public to the advantages of employing an Image Consultant; and against all odds financially and as a solo parent she is testament when you are both passionate and determined you can succeed where no one has gone before.

Her workshop client groups have included banks, retail department stores, hotels, real estate companies, educational and sales firms and many other business people. Her style is engaging and makes people feel they too can dress for the way they want, without the ‘shoulds’ of fashion and expectation. Chryssie's sessions are fun, positive, interactive, and informative, and they get results, as is apparent from the many positive quotes that clients have said like ‘passionate’ ‘fun’ ‘colourful personality’ ‘energetic’ ‘inspirational’.

Topics such as:

Dressing to your personality and communication style
This session is enlightening and revealing about how your personality can be reflected in what you choose to wear; and how you can create a wardrobe that truly reflects you. Find out what are you communicating in your dress?

Dressing is easy, it's looking good that's hard! 
A fun session where you will uncover your core beliefs of fashion and shopping.  Why you “have nothing in your wardrobe to wear”.  And break from the past ‘shoulds’ that you apply to yourself when you look in the mirror! Learn a 4 principle shopping system that will save you time, frustration and thousands of dollars!
Your image across the table - be true to your brand identity
This is a tailor-made presentation to whatever your industry or company needs to present staff and management in a professional manner, that reflects your company’s brand.

The powerful healing qualities of colour
A light-hearted journey to raise your colour perception and fine-tune your senses to open yourself up to the healing colour energies. You will enjoy the benefits of this active approach to colour at all levels of your being.


Dress Smart to Look Sharp - The Style Advantage program

Dressing smart to look sharp is an education in Style specifically fitted to you and your business that will profit you by: 

       Ensuring that first impressions count: 

In business everything says something and how we dress, both individually and collectively, will say a lot! We all know how such first impressions can create a lasting impression for your clients, so learning how to leave the best impression is worth investing in.

        Improve productivity: 

Looking good will equate to feeling good, increasing self esteem and confidence. Research shows that this in turn can translate into a higher level of productivity for both you and your staff as emotional well-being is improved.

       Develop a point of difference: 

Standing out amongst your competition can be the best way to attract desired business. Learning how to develop a visually striking personal representation within the market place can make all the difference.

       Reduce expenses with lasting value: 

Dressing smart to look sharp is not about your bank balance but your knowledge base. An education in style is an enduring asset to assist you in expressing personality, leaving lasting impressions, and is adaptable to a variety of spending allowances (and your marketing strategy).

With 29 years experience as a Stylist and Stylist trainer, Chryssie Woodham, owner and developer of the Unique Style System, will assist you with an education in style that transcends all expectations!

I would be thrilled to offer you a no obligation complimentary 30-60 minute stylist coaching session by phone, Skype, or in person if geographically possible. The best way to schedule this is to text me on 0274 407 499 or email and put 'coach' in the subject line.